How I work

How I work


I am quite flexible in my approach, but as a psychodynamic therapist I am particularly interested in unconscious processes that shape thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. In your sessions we will explore...

  1. what is happening in your life now / how you are experiencing your life
  2. your past, which may help explain your individual way of responding to things
  3. observations about the way in which you interact with other people, and possible relationship patterns.


Everyone is different, and every counselling journey is different. It may sound cliché, but I am offering you a 'safe space': the opportunity to be listened to without judgement. However, I am not going to just sit silently the whole way through. Above all this will be a collaborative process. I will offer some professionally informed input, tailoring my approach to what you bring.


My core training is psychodynamic, but I am also very interested in Existential approaches and in Mindful Self-Compassion practice. 

 Cost and availability 


I currently work from the Eaves in Godalming. The fee is ¬£50 per 50 minute session. 


It's usually possible to arrange a first appointment within a week or so.  





The first step


When you make contact, we can arrange an initial appointment to help you decide whether you wish to procede and take up sessions with me.


I offer short-term counselling as well as long-term work, and open-ended therapy. I believe that sometimes even a single consultation can make a difference, although usually short-term work will consist of 6 to 18 weekly meetings. We will agree a number of sessions or a timeframe at the beginning. Together we will establish a focus, unless you are coming for open-ended therapy, in which case different themes and priorities will emerge as the work progresses.

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