I have worked in general counselling with people from all walks of life, and will work with whatever you need to talk about.

So, first of all, this is a bit of a contradiction in terms, but I am a generalist with special interests. By 'generalist' I mean that I am interested in all the facets of life. I have worked in a general counselling service with people from many different backgrounds. I like looking at the complexity of life and gradually making out the larger puzzle. I'm curious about the highly individual in each person's experience, as well as experiences which we share as human beings. 

I have also gained special expertise in working with particular client groups. 

By working in more specialist counselling services I have gained experiences with:

  • undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • people who have suffered the loss of a loved one

Counselling within a wider context

Counselling is about looking inward, but we are always influenced by what goes on around us.  For example, it is a reasonable response to feel depressed, angry or fearful about climate change, or anxious about political uncertainty. Feelings and personal dilemmas arising out of what goes on in the world, not just our private lives, can affect our identity and wellbeing.

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